Spring and a Paper Bag

[h2title title=” A Culinary Celebration”]

newletter-culinary-032316ACLAMO is making plans for delicious food, excellent drink and delightful music to please your taste buds, your palette and your dancing feet!

Over the next few weeks, watch for announcements of the restaurants, winery, breweries and musical groups which will be offering you their specialties.

To whet your appetite, here are the logos of just two of those who will be contributing to this fun event:


Tickets are $75.  Come to enjoy yourself, meet old and new friends, and support ACLAMO and the Culinary Arts Institute of Montgomery County Community College.  Buy tickets today!

[h2title title=”Books from Pfizer”]

Children listen as Arlete and Jessica read the new books

Children listen as Arlete and Jessica read the new books

In February and March, representatives of the Latino Colleagues Resource Group from Pfizer Collegeville, Miguel Cacho, Arlete Fancio, and Jessica Presa, challenged their 1,850 coworkers to donate books for children. The result was a generous harvest of approximately 1,500 books.

“We are very proud to be one of ACLAMO’s supporting organizations,” writes Pfizer, “this time by providing its pre-K and kindergarten programs with a significant number of books.  We will continue our mission to support ACLAMO on its journey with the Latino community.”

[h2title title=”Impactful Education at ACLAMO”]

Blanca displays her graduation certificate from a six week nutrition class run at ACLAMO’s Norristown location by the Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences Extension Program.

Educators from the Montgomery County Board of Health take ACLAMO adult students to a Walmart Super Center to discuss wise purchasing strategies.

Educators from the Montgomery County Board of Health take ACLAMO adult students to a Walmart Super Center to discuss wise purchasing strategies.

Episcopal Academy STEM volunteers encourage tomorrow’s scientists.

Nelson Acevedo from PNC Bank leads middle schoolers in an exploration of fractions.

[h2title title=”The Arcadia Foundation and the paper bag mystery”]
newsletter-bags-032316Paper bags can be mysterious when used to carry unidentified items. The paper bag which Marilyn Steinbright handed to ACLAMO’s first executive director, Adamino Ortiz, in the late 1970s was a puzzle, indeed!

Marilyn Steinbright herself was a mystery. Why had this “fortyish”, English speaking, modestly dressed Anglo appeared unannounced at ACLAMO’s very first location on Main Street, Norristown? Marilyn chuckles today as she remembers Adamino, alone in the office, greeting her with his big smile and the phrase “Mi casa, su casa!”

Adamino’s smile grew even bigger when Marilyn told him that she was from The Arcadia Foundation and handed him a nondescript paper bag. Inside, Adamino discovered $1,000 in crisp, twenty dollar bills. It was the first major donation ACLAMO received.

Marilyn explained to Adamino that ACLAMO had not been in existence long enough to qualify for an official grant from The Arcadia Foundation, but she was so impressed with ACLAMO that she wanted to make a personal donation.

Despite his shock, Adamino resorted to the Latino answer to any visit: he offered Marilyn a cup of Latino coffee. When she said that she preferred tea, he managed to find tea bags and the two sat down to become better acquainted.

Marilyn’s deep personal desire to support worthy causes comes from the Steinbright family commitment to using its money in a socially responsible way. This goal led Marilyn and her mother, Edith, to establish The Arcadia Foundation in 1964. Since then, the foundation has supported a long list of excellent organizations, including ACLAMO Family Centers. The foundation’s most recent grant to ACLAMO was for $50,000.

“Thousands of Latino families have been strengthened because of grants from The Arcadia Foundation and other foundations and donors who stand by ACLAMO,” stated Executive Director Nelly Jimenez. “We are grateful for Marilyn Steinbright’s early appreciation of ACLAMO’s potential and her sustained support as ACLAMO has reached out to more and more families through the years.”