ACLAMO Culinary Celebration - April 30, 2017Join us for our 40th Anniversary!

ACLAMO Culinary Celebration: Support the Latino Community. Purchase tickets to ACLAMO'S April 30 Culinary Celebration on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at the Montgomery County Community College. Purchase tickets today!

ACLAMO Family Centers, a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, provides educational programs, social services and health access to Latino and other low income residents by empowering them to succeed and become productive members of society.

ACLAMO stands for Accion Comunal Latinoamericana de Montgomery County, or the Latin American Community Action of Montgomery County. ACLAMO is also derived from the Spanish verb “aclamar,” which means “to proclaim, to shout forth.” We want our community to know that they, too, can achieve the American Dream of success.

Our vision: Our vision is for every family, every child and every adult to reach their full potential, independence and happiness.

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ACLAMO builds a stronger community one child and one family at a time. Help us achieve this goal!

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Support the Latino Community. Purchase tickets to ACLAMO'S April 30 Culinary Celebration

SAVE THE DATE! ACLAMO'S Annual Culinary Celebration
Sunday, April 30, 2017
3:00 P.M. to 6 P.M.

At Montgomery County Community College
Support ACLAMO's vital mission, goals and programs!

Enjoy great food, drinks, music and conversation!

For the next several months, the ACLAMO newsletter will provide sneak peeks of some of the vendors participating at this event.

  • Delicious food, wine and beer -- and a tasting glass memento
  • Authentic Latino cultural celebration
  • Live music and dancing to Latino rhythms
  • Great conversations with old and new friends

Determination and Product Differentiation

Luis Marin is a man full of energy and a gift for marketing. When he opened his first Mexican restaurant in Chalfont, PA in 1992, he knew he had to differentiate his offerings from those available in the many Mexican restaurants dotting the countryside. Luis' strategy was to prepare only genuine, home cooked Mexican dishes.

To his dismay, he found that many diners were accustomed to eating "Americanized" Mexican food and the numbers of patrons only grew slowly. He hung in there, however, and his determination paid off.

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Luis Marin checks out the blueprints at El Sarape's new location.