Education Services & Programs

ACLAMO’s Education Department serves students of all ages and their families through after-school and summer programs that are focused on bolstering academic development and career readiness through S.T.E.A.M. based approaches.
We have several partnerships with different organizations and universities in the area. We also offer support in adult literacy education.

Mentoring and Career Development

  • ACLAMO provides academic support to students in grades K-12.
  • We provide homework assistance, literacy, math and science lessons, tutoring, and special STEAM-focused enrichment activities based on students’ grade and skill levels.
  • Our program also includes academic guidance and coaching and specialized tutorials with ACLAMO’s staff and/or volunteers.

ADELANTE (Middle School and High School Cohorts)

  • Our ADELANTE Program focuses on providing college access prep, career readiness support, and training to middle and high school students.
  • Activities in each ADELANTE cohort are tailored to fit each age group related to STEAM and community service.
  • Career support focused on developing resumes, personal statements, professional writing and interview skills.

Summer Bridge

  • This program is organized around exploring S.T.E.A.M content and careers using thematic activities to strengthen basic skills in English, math, and technological applications, along with exercise and healthy recreation.
  • We run programs at different site locations for each age group. This program is run in our Norristown and Pottstown location.

Teen Club

  • In addition to our Summer Bridge, Teen Club operates in the summer.
  • Activities in this program are focused on skill and team building exercises, special field trips and recreational opportunities. Some recreational activities include: kayaking, movie nights, arts and crafts, and playing and attending recreational sports games at the YMCA or parks.

Digital Navigator

  • The digital navigator program connections individuals and families from low-income households to the digital world. 
  • Bilingual computer classes. 
  • No or low cost internet access. 
  • No cost computer devices. 

English Language Classes

  • English language classes are held by ACLAMO at our Pottstown office. 
  • Art activities available for participants’ children.