Our Values

ACLAMO is guided by our beliefs and commitments to the following values:


ACLAMO is an organization made up of compassionate individuals with the goal to lessen the suffering of our community. We have a deep concern for our clients and for each other as we experience the ups and downs of life without prejudice.


ACLAMO is committed to serve our community and lead with love. We have an active regard of love for others and the hearts to serve to change lives, both on and off the job.

Equity and Diversity

ACLAMO is committed to the advancement and belonging of all peoples. Our arms are open to all walks of life. We welcome diverse perspectives and seek to create an environment where all walks of life feel comfortable.


ACLAMO is committed to serving everyone, including its staff members, with dignity and respect. We are committed to addressing systemic issues and working to ensure that each person has equitable access to the resources they need.


ACLAMO is committed to moral uprightness. We aim to willingly show up for each other and our community members in every aspect, and follow through on our words with action.


ACLAMO staff have a devotion to their mission, coworkers, and community members. We believe that through firm and constant support we can build a stronger community one child and one family at a time.

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