ACLAMO is perfectly positioned to assist the Montgomery County Census Committee Monco PA Counts in ensuring that everyone in the Latino community is counted in the 2020 national census.  To that end, ACLAMO workers have been participating in meetings and training to maximize the success of this effort.

Executive Director Jimenez attends training with census staff and other representatives of minority communities.

These will be some of ACLAMO’s activities in support of the census:

  • to identify previously undercounted areas of Norristown and Pottstown
  • to increase census participation in areas with hard-to-reach individuals
  • to communicate information and raise awareness of census work
  • to work with community partners and community leaders to provide informational and educational workshops, online postings and handouts about the importance and the process of competing the census form.

August Activities at ACLAMO


Having provided enjoyable and educationally meaningful activities to over 200 children and young people at five different sites, ACLAMO summer programs came to a celebratory conclusion in August.

Executive Director Jimenez celebrates with the kids.

What is a party without handpainting?

Summer friendships made during STEAM camp at Morris Arboretum might last forever!


Studies show that less than half of households making under $25,000 a year have access to the internet.  As these families work to gain a foothold in the economy, this lack of access poses obvious roadblocks to work applications, educational programs and homework completion as well as to sources of information generally.
Comcast is offering a program to provide low cost internet access and computer purchasing to low income families.  ACLAMO works with Comcast to facilitate access to this program to families it serves.
An interesting report on this ACLAMO-Comcast cooperation has been produced by PBS39 News Tonight and may be found at  THIS LINK .


Susan Piette learned a lot from her grandmother Hattie.  One of these was how to play card games of all kinds.  Susan learned never to give any hints as to the cards she held and always to use creativity and intelligence in playing whatever hand she was dealt.

The skill of knowing how to make maximum use of the cards in her hand has proved valuable throughout Susan´s life.  With the goal of helping people, she began college on a pre-medicine track.  However, receiving her first C in a college chemistry class dampened her plans to become a doctor.  So she continued her focus on serving others by enrolling in law school.  While working as in intern in a county prosecutor’s office during her third year of law school, Susan’s organizational and legal abilities availed her the Court’s permission to appear in court without observation to represent the prosecutor’s office.  In that role, she tried both bench and jury trials. Just before Susan took her bar exam, the attorney heading the traffic/misdemeanor division of the prosecutor’s office was abruptly fired. The county prosecutor advised Susan that he wanted her to head the department upon receiving her bar results – and she did.

When her three children came along, Susan switched to teaching criminal law in college so her schedule would permit her to be a “mom” first and “attorney” second.  When the children reached school age, Susan returned to the practice of law, joining a private firm and practicing municipal and zoning law.  When the housing market dropped and the zoning practice dried up, she taught herself elder law, estate planning and estate administration.
Today Susan has a thriving law practice as partner in the Lansdale firm of Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin, PC.  She helps elder clients and their families navigate the areas of law that impact their lives and provides sound guidance and legal direction as they plan for the future.
Always an avid music lover, Susan plays the piano and guitar, but finds her ukulele easier to travel with on the church mission trips she enjoys frequently to a wide variety of countries.
Susan´s enthusiasm during a work project at ACLAMO impressed Executive Director Nelly Jimenez and she recruited Susan to become a key player in a series of important projects in support of the organization.  This year, Susan played another card in her hand by joining ACLAMO´s board of directors.
“Susan has already been a great supporter of ACLAMO,” commented Houghton Kane, board president.  “We are very pleased that her wide range of experience in law and administration will add significant strength to our board.”