ACLAMO builds a stronger community one child and one family at a time.Help us achieve this goal!

Volunteer – Old Form

We are always appreciative of our many volunteers. If you are a student, a recent graduate looking for experience, a retiree, a handyman or an idealist, please contact us!

Most programs we offer are supported with help of volunteers. Therefore we value your efforts to become part of our wonderful team of ACLAMO’S circle of volunteers and interns. If you are affiliated to a specific organization/church/college please let us know as we are already working with many partners in the community making the process easier for applicants.

Last year ACLAMO benefited from over 3,000 volunteer hours. We could not run our program without the assistance of friends like you.

New changes in the law!

  1. Complete the information below, or, you can send your resume directly to Send us a message why would you like to volunteer with us, how frequent you would like to volunteer and your areas of interest. In addition please let us know how you heard about ACLAMO.
  2. We will then make a pre-screen interview over the phone. If we believe your skills and our needs are a good match, we will invite you to our offices for a face to face orientation/interview.
  3. Please be aware that PA Child Protective Services Law requires that all volunteers working around children need all clearances required by law. Volunteer’s state clearances are now available for free. Please go to

Please fill out this application and we will contact you soon. Thank you for your interest! All fields in bold are required.

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