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Health Literacy

The most basic health care tasks can seem challenging when language and the healthcare system are unfamiliar.

The mothers in our Family Literacy program learn how to manage these challenges in English as part of the Family Literacy program.

The Health Literacy curriculum covers everything from learning parts of the body, identifying illnesses, contacting health professionals, filling out medical history forms, following instructions, and communicating with health professionals.

The mothers also learn about purposes and side effects of medications, how to read a prescription and understanding how to administer different medications and dosages.

Other topics include nutrition, exercise, and the importance of a healthy diet, especially in relationship to avoiding common conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

Finally, lead poisoning, safety in the home, dental care, and other related topics are also covered.

A bilingual pediatrician comes throughout the year to discuss different topics and illnesses related to children, and answers questions from the mothers.

For further information, or to learn more, please contact ACLAMO Family Centers at (610) 277-2570.