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Over and Above Campaign

Please Join the Over and Above Campaign

ACLAMO has 40 years of experience in preparing Latino children to enter kindergarten. Generations of Latino parents and many elementary school teachers have watched the excellent performance of students graduating from the Family Literacy Programs.

Gifts from ACLAMO’s loyal supporters allow a Latino family with limited income to enroll a child and one of the child’s parents in the programs at no cost. Each child is taught by teachers and support staff who know the challenges faced by Latino children entering school. Carefully designed strategies are followed to strengthen each child’s familiarity with English and math as well as with normal classroom routines and the expectations of a kindergarten teacher. Parents and children also take educational field trips to help them learn more about the world around them.

The parent enrolled in the programs with the child is carefully evaluated to determine which educational support is most needed. Some parents spend a majority of time learning English as a second language, while others focus on computer literacy and basic job skills. All parents receive classes on health issues and parenting skills.

CHALLENGE: The number of Latino families is increasing and the Family Literacy Programs are so vital that ACLAMO has restricted some of its other programs in order to have the funds necessary for Family Literacy. If the Over and Above Campaign would raise at least $10,000, ACLAMO could continue to run the Family Literacy Programs while having the funding necessary for the range of other programs provided to our families.

In addition to the tickets you have purchased to ACLAMO’s 40th Anniversary Culinary Celebration on April 30, please consider giving an additional, tax deductible amount to provide a solid financial foundation to the Family Literacy Programs.

You can either donate online, or send a check to ACLAMO Family Centers, 512 West Marshall Street, Norristown, PA 19401.

Thank you so much!